Close to the hotel

January 30, 2020

Panevėžys Juozas Miltinis Drama Theater. Until 1995 known by the name of Panevėžys Drama Theater, founded in 1940 by Juozas Miltinis, a theater director. In the past it was also led by the famous Lithuanian actor Donatas Banionis. Distance to the theater – 150 m.

Panevėžys City Municipality – the distance to this building is 100 m

Senvagė (the Old Riverbed) is a pond in the center of Panevėžys city. The pond is 0.38 km long and 0.15 km wide. In 1939 after the embankment was flooded and a new riverbed of the Nevėžis River was dug on the eastern side, the remaining riverbed on the western side of the embankment became Senvagė. This was done to prevent flood water from destroying the left bank of the river. Over time, a sculpture park, footpaths and bridges have been established here, a fountain is eroding, and a monument to the founder of Panevėžys, Duke Alexander, has been erected. Today Senvagė is the most representative place in the city. Distance to Senvagė – 200 m.

Liberty Square, the central square of Panevėžys, like the main squares of many cities, was first established as a marketplace. Now, the space is adapted to the needs of the city’s residents and guests, with a fountain in the middle, a refurbished plaza and lounge areas. We are located right next to the Liberty square.

There is a bus station, market, bank, cafes, grocery stores, museums, galleries and theaters nearby.